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Welcome to our lab for the AEC professionals where magic comes true. Deep dive into our lab’s playground, and display all the resources we provide to engage in different possibilities to create your own path and learn more about what we do at e-verse.

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Sarah is a customizable web app designed to present information in visually engaging dashboards by Power BI.

GlTF Exporter



Leia is a glTF exporter for Autodesk Revit.

Coming soon!

Veronica is a Viewpoint by Level add-in for Autodesk Navisworks.


Discover how IoT works! LYRA is a 3D viewer of an Electric Substation connected with SCADA to visualize data in a light and agile way!

Explore new opportunities for your workflow! VEGA is a Dashboard that displays the Revit usage in real-time to improve efficiency.

Find a solution in a matter of seconds! HYDRA is a cloud platform for building online applications based on parametric 3D files to quickly optimize the model.

Check the sun path of a construction easily!
ALPHA is a 3D viewer connected to Unity that shows you how the sun goes over a building.



Obtain relevant information about your model! ANKAA is a 3D viewer connected directly with an Autodesk BIM360 and implemented charts.


Explore the power of artificial vision to control the view of a 3D model! ORION is a 3D viewer that enables users to move the model using Image gesture recognition.

Hungry for more? Our lab shows you just a taste of what we can do in the construction world. Contact us and let’s cook up something amazing together.

We build better solutions together.

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