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Unlock Your BIM 360 Hub with Power BI

Try a Powerful Tool for BIM Managers, Owners, and Data Visualization Experts in the AEC Field

Sarah is a powerful data connector web app, designed to help you integrate the most out of your BIM 360 Hub (Autodesk Construction Cloud platform). With this app, you can efficiently access, display, filter, and export information from your model. Plus, our seamless integration with Autodesk Market and secure subscription with Stripe make it easy to get started today.

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Powerful Dynamics for Streamlined BIM Management

Sarah is packed with dynamic features designed to help you streamline your BIM management. From the access to your BIM 360 Hub to viewer and reports data, we make it easy to manage the insights you need by visualizing specific information in real-time. Feel free to use this tool to better manage the custom data we packed!

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Easy Access to Your BIM 360 Hub in any device

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Export Information with Ease

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Viewer and Report of Data

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3D Information on Power BI

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Filter by date and use it as a 4D tool

Technologies we work with

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Take Your BIM Management to the Next Level

With Sarah, you can start working immediately with one of our Power BI templates:

  • Displaying information in the dashboard according to different custom filters.
  • Isolating elements to see specific project data in real-time.
  • Printing your dashboard if you want to report errors.
  • Filtering data by date and use it as a 4D tool.
  • Exporting excels with the specific data we already have.
  • Having easy access to your data from any device.
  • Using the Autodesk Construction Cloud easily in any browser. 
  • Having an executive overview.
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Get started today with Sarah and unlock the full potential of your Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).
Take your BIM management to the next level with
this Power BI BIM 360 integration.

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The ultimate data connector web app

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