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Automate your solar plant design and grading process

Try a bespoke solution for solar site grading automation and save up to 90% of your time

inti is a personalized service that automates solar energy park design based on individual company requirements and pain points.

Our solutions are designed to adapt to the dynamic needs of companies. We propose different process automation approaches catering to your needs, such as Civil3D add-ins, web applications, or integrations between your existing software that identify initial conditions and rectify design oversights, significantly reducing friction and errors.

We streamline the grading process for solar plant designers by seamlessly integrating with platforms such as Civil 3D, enabling realistic 3D analysis and ensuring compliance with crucial solar panel requirements such as pile minimums and maximums, flood elevations, soil movement, and more. Instead of manually transferring data, we automate the calculations, removing the need to move data back and forth between Civil3D and other software like Excel, reducing transfer time to minutes or seconds.

This is an ideal solution for solar energy park designers who are facing repetitive tasks and long turnaround times, allowing them to save valuable time and money.

Leverage solar panel automation and
reduce your time for solar panel quality control

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Manage your Time for the Graded Design of Solar Plants

Efficient time management is crucial for solar plant design and site grading calculation.

Manually adjusting design oversights and going back and forth between platforms is slow and error-prone. Solar power park design automation can reduce friction while meeting compliance requirements while implementing renewable energy.

Contact us to discuss how we can customize a service that allows you to save time and money and focus on critical solar project decisions.

Automate the design process in a matter of seconds with inti

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For 2030, we need to increase construction of Solar Plants by 320%.

The need of increase the solar panels construction by 2030 in numbers and the role Inti by e-verse plays in it

But the design process takes too much time

The need of increase the solar panels construction by 2030 in numbers and the role Inti by e-verse plays in it

We reduce the design phase by 90%.

Take your Solar Plants Design to the Next Level

With inti, you can apply 3D analysis of solar project sites to automate visualization and estimate parameters. Here are some calculations that can be automatically adjusted to fit any company’s needs.

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Flood elevation and soil movement:

  • Slopes and inclinations of terrain, delta slope.
  • Cabling and cable routing.
  • Panel positions, optimizing shadow projection between rows.
  • Angles and distance.

Piles minimums and maximums, tolerance parameters to achieve compliance:

  • Trackers.
  • Pile design and steel usage.
  • Grading.


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Discover an Interactive Solar Display and Try Out Your Possibilities

Take a glimpse into the vast potential of inti’s offerings in a short demo.

Start Managing Your Time to Design
Solar Energy Plants!

If you’re undertaking the design of a solar energy park and continually repeating actions, dealing with long lead times and errors creeping in during revisions, this service is ideal for you. inti is optimal when engaging in monotonous tasks, extended waiting periods, and the possibility of mistakes occurring during revisions throughout the design process of a solar energy plant.

Get in touch to explore your pain points in-depth and customize a solution specifically catered to your requirements.

Inti Case study: Solar Energy Automation

Case study: Solar Energy Automation

Find out how the client, a highly skilled engineering company specializing in complex calculations for medium to large solar energy plants, sought a seamless and efficient automation process that minimized friction between different platforms, specifically between Civil3D and Excel. Download this PDF and discover the complete case study.


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