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Why is 3D BIM Viewer Important in Construction Processes?

When we talk about 3D viewers, we mean BIM software that can enable interaction between a user and 3D geometry.

Forget about desktop software, hard-to-use interfaces, and complicated installations. Interact with your BIM models on a complete new level.

As AEC professionals, we aim to make it easier for users to view, edit, and share their 3D models from a desktop or mobile browser without any installation required.

Are you wondering how do we do it? It is all a matter of engineering.


Digitalizing 3D BIM Modeling Services: the e-verse way

We have experience in the digitalization of the AEC industry and we are equipped to aid you in identifying the necessary solutions for your 3D interaction complexities and bringing them to life.

Our 3D BIM modeling services cover all the options, from scratch, using existing tech, or integrating into your existing platform, product, or range of solutions, and to desktop software and BIM data.

Interact with your models
on a whole new level.


3D BIM Viewer Key Benefits

  • Leverages 3D and BIM technology to plan, build, and maintain processes.
  • Dives 2D or 3D models straight from your browser.
  • Helps to make better decisions with relevant high-quality BIM object properties.
  • Simplifies the design communication bringing various teams on the same page.
  • Collaborates with all project stakeholders in real time.
  • Solves BIM coordination issues and helps to improve team members’ objectives.


APIs for 3D BIM Viewer

We have a varied experience in 3D geometry visualization.






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Bar chart of the 3d viewer market in the US
Bar chart of 3D printing construction market size for the next decade

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