The Code that Shapes Buildings: A Look at Innovation in AEC Software

Christopher Diggins cover
The Code that Shapes Buildings: A Look at Innovation in AEC Software cover

Better decision-making through Real-world Construction Data

This episode of AEC Trailblazers: the Founders Files features Christopher, one of the most seasoned true software developers in the AEC industry. Leveraging his extensive experience, Christopher takes us on a fascinating journey through the evolution of computer programming, exploring the differences between general software development and the specialized world of AEC. He continues his journey telling us about Ara 3D, his latest venture company that provides personalized software development solutions specifically tailored for AEC businesses and end-users.

Tune in to this episode and discover Christopher’s infectious passion for software development and coding, and how it empowers the entire AEC industry.



Christopher Diggins: <br>Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Public Speaker, and Instructor

Christopher Diggins:
Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Public Speaker, and Instructor

A software developer, entrepreneur, instructor, and technical communicator. Christopher’s passion is solving software-related problems, and making software more effective and accessible. With over twenty-five years of experience, he has worked in first-in-class companies such as Autodesk and Microsoft, and in 2018 he founded his own AEC Startup, Ara 3D. He is the proud father of two teenage girls, and a three-year-old yellow lab named Bernie.

Valentin Noves <br>CEO at e-verse

Valentin Noves
CEO at e-verse

A versatile leader with broad exposure to projects and procedures and an in-depth understanding of technology services and product development. He has a tremendous passion for working in teams driven to provide remarkable software development services that disrupt the status quo. He is a creative problem solver who is equally comfortable rolling up his sleeves or leading teams with a make-it-happen attitude.

Samuel Barcenas <br>BIM Consultant Founder of AVES

Samuel Barcenas
BIM Consultant Founder of AVES

A highly motivated and experienced architect with a proven track record of success in designing and delivering innovative and sustainable buildings. He is also a BIM expert with a deep understanding of how to use technology to improve the efficiency and quality of the design and construction process.


DESIGN PROCESS ACCELERATORS FOR THE AEC INDUSTRY. e-verse's main expertise is to automate, streamline, and connect every stage of the design process, building solutions to help your business grow at a faster pace by leveraging technology. As architects and engineers who code, they transform your design construction requirement into accurate solutions that fit your needs.