Hacking the AEC with Smart Connections & Data

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Hacking the AEC with Smart Connections & Data

This episode of the AEC Trailblazers: The Founders Files dives into the story of Havard Vasshaug, the founder of two impressive startups: Anker and Reope. We’ll hear about his path from his early days working in the tech industry after college to his current role leading innovative companies.

Along the way, Havard shares valuable lessons learned throughout his extensive career. He emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships (“pumping into amazing people”) from the very beginning. These connections, especially the Bad Monkeys network, he reveals, played a crucial role in his success.

No journey is without its challenges, and Havard doesn’t shy away from discussing the difficulties of salesmanship – “the most difficult job on the planet”. He’ll offer insights into the art of convincing people to invest in your creation.

Fundraising also gets a spotlight. Havard discusses the challenges of securing capital (currently in their second round) and the strategic allocation of those funds to fuel optimal growth for the company.

As a leader, Havard prioritizes fostering a motivated team. He believes that a team united by a shared purpose can achieve anything. He emphasizes the importance of empowering his employees through autonomy, steering clear of micromanagement.

By sharing his experiences as a tech-driven leader in the AEC industry, Havard offers valuable business best practices and leadership strategies that listeners can apply to their own endeavors.

This episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to build a successful career in the tech industry or for those seeking leadership inspiration. Tune in and learn from the inspiring journey of Havard!


Picture of Harvard Vasshaug<br>Founder of Anker, Reope and Bad Monkeys

Harvard Vasshaug
Founder of Anker, Reope and Bad Monkeys

Havard is a prominent figure in the AEC industry, with a unique blend of architectural passion and engineering expertise. Over his 20+ year career, he has held various roles, starting as an engineer and BIM manager, before diving into design technology.

In 2014, Havard's entrepreneurial spirit emerged. He co-founded Bad Monkeys, a network that aimed to revolutionize the AEC industry by promoting visual programming for BIM-native architects and engineers. This network, led by a group of visionary industry leaders, inspired a generation of AEC designers to embrace coding. The impact of Bad Monkeys continues to be felt today, having served as a springboard for over 8 AEC startups. Havard himself has been deeply involved in 3 of them.

In 2014, Havard co-founded Bad Monkeys, a global team of BIM and programming experts dedicated to empowering professionals with custom digital workflows. Building on this success, he co-founded Reope in 2018, a software company where architects and engineers code to develop better tools for AEC projects and processes. He served as CEO of Reope until 2022.

Havard remains actively involved with both Bad Monkeys and Reope as a board member. His entrepreneurial journey continues with Anker, a new startup he co-founded in early 2023. Anker tackles the challenge of low AEC productivity by providing a powerful cloud-based solution for generating, validating, and automating BIM data.

Picture of Valentin Noves <br>CEO at e-verse

Valentin Noves
CEO at e-verse

A versatile leader with broad exposure to projects and procedures and an in-depth understanding of technology services and product development. He has a tremendous passion for working in teams driven to provide remarkable software development services that disrupt the status quo. He is a creative problem solver who is equally comfortable rolling up his sleeves or leading teams with a make-it-happen attitude.

Picture of Samuel Barcenas <br>BIM Consultant Founder of AVES

Samuel Barcenas
BIM Consultant Founder of AVES

A highly motivated and experienced architect with a proven track record of success in designing and delivering innovative and sustainable buildings. He is also a BIM expert with a deep understanding of how to use technology to improve the efficiency and quality of the design and construction process.


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