Meeting Global Demands in the Digital Infrastructure Industry

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KatalystDI (KDI) stands with the belief that the Digital Infrastructure industry must solve resource and supply chain issues to meet global demands. The companyI was founded on the premise that a better-defined and integrated supply chain will deliver measurable improvements to construction projects of all sizes. They required e-verse to develop an AI platform to reduce these issues, as modular and offsite production complemented by properly integrated supply chains are a key solution to mitigating them.



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Effectively reducing resource and supply chain issues.

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Delivering data-driven processes.

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Planning and managing project’s lifecycle


Our Role

In this context, we at e-verse work together with KatalystDI as one team, in four main areas to advance the InfrastructureBuilder.AI product:

  • Discovery: assessing the industry’s issues and thinking of potential high-scale solutions.
  • Web Platform: developing and maintaining a complex application.
  • Infrastructure: thinking of solutions to make the KDI ecosystem stable and scalable.
  • Integrations: leveraging our AEC industry expertise to integrate the ecosystem with industry software and BIM data across the stages of a project’s lifecycle.


The Solution

Adopting a customer-centric methodology to confront the challenge from a holistic perspective, KDI & e-verse created a solution, while including industry-standard interoperability and data-driven processes. The implementation of this work has elevated KDI’s flagship product with comprehensive capabilities: InfrastructureBuilder.AI, bringing together Owners, Contractors, and Suppliers to more effectively plan, manage, and execute work across a distributed construction supply chain.

“I’m impressed at the way our e-verse partners get up to speed on not only our codebase but also our speciality knowledge.”

Some words from:
Libo Li, CTO at Katalyst.DI

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