Leveraging ChatGPT for Geometric Design in Dynamo BIM

With the mere input of your API key and a personalized prompt, an entire universe of architectural and engineering possibilities with AI becomes accessible.

Our script serves as a dynamic interface for GPT-4, effectively running a Python script within the Dynamo BIM environment. While its current capabilities are limited to straightforward tasks, such as creating fundamental geometric shapes and applying basic transformations, it showcases the potential of AI in the realm of design automation.

We strongly advise against running code directly from a chat environment on a production computer. Additionally, given the ever-growing demand for AI services, it’s important to exercise patience when using GPT-4.

If you’re eager to explore this innovative script further, feel free to access the code on GitHub. It serves as a valuable resource for those who are enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of AI in the field of BIM and design. Join us in this exciting journey, where AI continues to shape the future of architecture and construction.

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