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Argyle is a company led by builders and BIM enthusiasts who wanted a jobsite technology that would work as promised in science fiction. They found it difficult for team members to communicate effectively on construction sites, particularly when working on large and complex projects. This could lead to misunderstandings, errors, and delays. Additionally, workers on a construction site may not have access to all the information they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Our client requested a custom exporter out of Navisworks and Revit. This was a particularly complex challenge due to the limitations of Navisworks and Revit in dealing with a large number of geometries. To address this issue, they wanted to build an augmented reality app that registers BIM to the jobsite in the form of easy-to-use holograms,resembling the futuristic technology depicted in Star Trek, applied to construction.



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Reduced errors, misunderstandings, and delays.

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Enhanced safety on the construction site

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Streamlined workflows between designers, architects, and contractors


Our Role

We took on this project from initial discovery all the way to a fully functional beta.

We worked closely with Argyle to aid them in:

  • Evaluating issues
  • Thinking of a scalable solution.
  • Choosing technologies to deliver a scalable product to the potential users as fast as possible
  • Organizing the development phases and setting milestones
  • Providing and managing the development team
  • Getting the product to a good shape for its initial users


The Solution

Argyle’s innovative technologies were specifically designed to connect front-line workers with their Building Information Modeling (BIM) data using Augmented Reality (AR). The 1:1 data overlays provided by these technologies guide and direct jobsite tasks, making frontline AR safer, faster, and easier to use. This, in turn, leads to the acceleration of projects and teams. Moreover, since we bring it all together on the Hololens 2, our solution is ready for remote assistance, which makes it even more convenient.

As a result of the developed solution, the team can now interact with BIM throughout the project as if it were a layer of data on the world, because with Argyle, it is! The ability to seamlessly integrate BIM data into the real-world environment with 1:1 data overlays makes the application of this technology essential for any modern construction project. It’s a fast, easy, and powerful tool that will quickly become a favorite.

“The e-verse team has been responsive, dedicated, and thorough integration wizards. Their team was excellent at leading a process and following through-even with seriously challenging asks. They’ve been wonderful partners. You will not be disappointed.”

Some words from:
Maret Thatcher, CEO Argyle Build

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