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the Client

Allied BIM works with models that have fabrication machine software that sends information to machine manufacturing by enabling cloud publishing, tacking, and communications to all of the fabrication shop machinery.


The Discovery

  • Revit add-in needs support for maintenance and new features.
  • It improves workflow between teams.
  • It organizes team via Agile method.


Our Role

We worked with AlliedBIM’s team as one, in the following areas:

Assessing industry needs:

We have worked on BIM and we know the industry’s pain points, so we set out to help in thinking of ways to bridge the gap between BIM model to the field.


As software experts, we help to design and build ways to make the application reliable and scalable.


We leverage BIM software knowledge to connect the modelers with the application through desktop software addins that send model data and make it available throughout the application.


The Solution

An automated tool for creating fabrication drawings. Assemble your models, spool your assemblies, and fabricate on your connected machines. The tools are designed to increase traditional spooling workflows up to 800% faster than the competition.

“Valentin Noves and the entire e-verse team has been a pleasure to work with. Amazing communication and understanding allowed Allied BIM to develop and continually grow at a rate that surpasses our competitors.”

Some words from:
Alex Hanna, Director of BIM Services at Allied