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At a tech conference back in 2018, a young entrepreneur, unable to secure a scheduled meeting with a potential investor, decided to wear a name tag stating “Looking for investment”. This simple act garnered significant attention from potential investors, leading to several conversations that led to meetings scheduled within days. Long story short, the entrepreneur got his first funding round.

This is how industry events can create unexpected opportunities, especially when being proactive and creative.

person wearing a tag in a convention

Industry events are known to be an invaluable channel for efficiently connecting, building trust, showcasing expertise, generating qualified leads, and gaining valuable insights into the market and competitors. As such, events significantly boost sales and help achieve long-term growth objectives.

This is not new. Events have been a cornerstone of marketing efforts for centuries, much predating the digital era. Their origins can be traced back to the dawn of commerce when merchants gathered in bustling marketplaces to showcase their wares and interact with potential buyers. Notably, the core goals of these early sales events haven’t changed much: generating leads, building brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and establishing partnerships.

The rise of the digital age hasn’t diminished the importance of events. While we live in a hyper-connected world with countless online offerings, face-to-face interactions and social selling remain crucial. This human element is essential for building trust and developing meaningful relationships, something virtual interactions often lack.

Events for B2B Tech Companies: A Targeted Approach

It’s important to acknowledge that different industries benefit from events to varying degrees. While B2C businesses like consumer electronics companies may rely heavily on online sales, events hold particular significance for B2B companies selling software and tech services, especially those targeting decision-makers. Quantifying the exact impact of events on the sales funnel can be challenging. This is because events often indirectly influence sales by generating leads, fostering brand awareness, and building relationships, which can later convert through brand recall triggered by outbound campaigns, online ads, or social media posts.

Industry event strategies according to different business models:

Not all events are created equal! While industry gatherings offer valuable opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes, the most impactful approach will vary based on your business model. B2B, B2C, and C2C businesses can maximize their success at industry events, helping you navigate the conference scene and achieve their unique goals.

Immediate objectivesRelationship building and lead generationOn-the-spot sales and brand engagement.Facilitating transactions and enabling the exchange of goods or services between individuals.
Overall goalsFostering long-term partnerships and connections, driving sales, showcasing expertise, and influencing decision-makers.Brand awareness and experience, product launches, and engaging existing customers.Fostering a vibrant community, facilitating peer-to-peer interaction, community building, and enabling exchange sales between individuals.
ActivationsProduct Demos; Facilitated connection spaces to foster networking. Booth design highlighting solutions.Engaging entertainment and influencer marketing activations to attract attention and build brand affinity.Marketplace platforms and/or physical event spaces to connect buyers and sellers directly.
ContentInteractive workshops, educational sessions, and thought leadership presentationsInteractive product experiences and live demonstrations.
Photo opportunities to encourage brand sharing and user-generated content.
Educational sessions and workshops focused on navigating the marketplace platform or best practices for safe and successful C2C transactions.
TargetDecision maker: Typically a decision-maker within the organization (department head, CEO, purchasing manager).End buyer: anyone who makes purchasing decisions for themselves or their family.End buyer: an individual seeking a product or service and willing to engage in a direct transaction with another consumer.

Strategic Planning: Making the Most of Your Time and Resources

While pinpointing the exact sales impact of events is difficult, B2B software and tech service companies targeting decision-makers should undoubtedly consider events a vital part of their marketing strategy. However, attending every event isn’t an optimal approach. Except you have Hermione Granger’s Time Turner and Richie Rich’s wallet, resources and time are limited, requiring a strategic planning process to identify the events offering the greatest potential return on investment.

Sharing Our Experience: A Look at Q2 2024 Events

As a B2B startup offering tech services within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, we strive to identify and attend relevant industry events to fuel our growth. To make informed choices and select the most impactful events for us, we’ve established a set of criteria. Witnessing the positive outcomes of this approach, we’d like to share it with the broader community.

A Curated List of Q2 2024 Events

Below, you’ll find a curated list of Q2 2024 events categorized by date, location, participating companies, attendee count, attendee seniority, covered topics, and registration information. We hope this qualitative database proves as valuable to you as it has been to us.

EventWhere?When?What is it about?AttendeesSeniorityCompaniesMain topicsHow to register?
RETCONNew York, USAApril 1-3The RET Conference is a real estate technology and innovation event that brings together industry professionals from all over the world. The event features educational sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions. Attendees can learn about the latest trends in real estate technology, connect with potential partners and clients, and discover new products and services.2000CEOs, CTOs, managing partnersOwners, Operators & Developers; PropTech Companies & VCs; Industry Executives & Innovators; Partners & Service ProvidersProptech, sustainability, ESG, dealmaking, technology for construction, property management, leasing, and tenant experiencePaid event
BIM World ParisParis, FranceApril, 3-4BIM World Paris is a prominent conference and exhibition dedicated to the realm of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its impact on the construction and real estate industries. Held annually in Paris, France, this two-day event serves as a central platform for addressing current and future challenges faced by the construction and real estate sectors. By tackling themes like digitalization, sustainability, and interoperability, the event aims to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to navigate an evolving industry landscape.+10,000 attendeesThe website mentions the participation of both industry leaders and practitioners.Focus on construction and real estate industries, targeting architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers.The latest BIM solutions, technologies, and services. Cutting-edge advancements and their potential applications in construction projects. Strategies, benefits, and challenges for BIM..Paid event
ISC WestLas Vegas, USAApril 9-12The ISC West is the leading security trade event in the U.S. It connects security and public safety professionals and offers the opportunity to learn from the SIA Education@ISC program. Attendees can explore the latest technologies in access control, alarms and monitoring, and video surveillance.27,00044% C-suite, VP & directorSecurity, public safety, access control, drone and robotics, cybersecurity, IoT, smart home.Access control, alarms and monitoring, video surveillance, drones and robotics, cybersecurity, IoTPaid event
Advancing Construction AnalyticsAustin, USAApril 15-17The 6th edition of Advancing Construction Analytics is your gateway into an experience where data, analytics, and innovation take center stage. Catering to 350+ technical and business leaders, including experts in Data, Analytics, IT, Business Strategy, and Intelligence, this conference is designed to elevate your understanding and application of analytics and propel your organization to new heights of success.Not disclosedNot disclosedGeneral contractors, subcontractors, and construction management firms; Architecture and engineering firms; ConTech companies; Consultants related to construction analytics, data science, and digital transformation strategies.Driving Accurate Decision-making with AI & Predictive Analytics; Optimizing Data Integration & Improving Data Integrity; Leveraging Project Data to Drive Profitable Business Decisions; Securing Buy-in & Creating a Data-Fluent Organization.Paid event.
ConstrucTech BeijingBeijing, ChinaApril, 17-19The ConstrucTech is an international trade fair for construction technologies, building materials, and construction machinery, held annually at the start of the construction season. It is one of the largest fairs of its kind in China. The event is organized by Beijing Zhongzhuang Wenxing International Exhibition Co., Ltd., a significant player in the Chinese construction industry, which has successfully hosted international trade fairs for many years. ConstrucTech aims to present the latest trends and developments in the industry and serves as a platform for exchanging information and business opportunities between providers and customers.The venue of the event fits +90,000 attendees. The website doesn’t mention the amount of attendees but it seems to host several thousand attendees.The event mentions it features tremendous attendees and excellent trade effects.The event states it’s targeted at professional visitors and the general public from the construction industry.Focused on build technologies, building materials and construction equipment; energy efficiency, environmental compatibility, and sustainable materials play a central role.It is not open to the public and is focused on the Asian region.
AEC Tech BarcelonaBarcelona, SpainApril, 19-21The event offers workshops on the latest technologies, and engagement with industry leaders, and provides a forum for project growth, development, and networking. By serving as a space where creative minds can devise new technologies, acquire skills, and make new connections, AEC Tech is helping build an open community of knowledge sharing to promote industry progression and enhance collaboration and communication.Not Disclosed.Given the agenda and speakers, we estimate 40% senior attendees and 50% mid-level.AEC firms of all sizes, Construction technology companies, Building product and material manufacturers, Professional service providers, and more.Workshops hosted by design innovators and software pioneers, symposiums on the state of practice today and what is on the horizon. 26-hour hackathon for all levels of programmers, developers, and engineers.Paid event
World Summit AI AmericasMontreal, CanadaApril 24-25The World Summit AI Americas 2024 discusses AI ethics, responsible AI, and the impact of AI on society. It explores the following topics: AI can be used for good or evil, and it is important to use it responsibly. We need to make sure that AI is used fairly and does not discriminate against anyone. AI can be used to solve some of the world's biggest problems, such as climate change and healthcare.A news article says it expects 6,000 attendees. Their worldwide community has 220k members.37% C-suite, VP & directorEnterprise (Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture), Science, Startups, Investors, and Deep Tech.AI unleashing the next level of human potential; creating a data-oriented culture; utilizing enterprise generative AI assistants to transform knowledge work; Leveraging data to change the world for the public good; AI adoption and use cases.Paid event
TechCrunch Early StageBoston, USAApril 25At this one-day founder summit, you'll get actionable advice and takeaways from top experts, meet other entrepreneurs taking similar journeys, share your own experiences, and build the confidence to take the next steps toward growing your business.Not disclosed, as per a news article, we expect 1000.Not disclosed but given the agenda and speaker, you can expect senior people in the startup and VC world.Companies looking to structure their cap table; develop their target customer personas & get feedback on their pitch deck; Companies looking to learn how to hit $1M in ARR, and looking for raise funding.How to raise money, how to build relationships with investors, and how to select the right accelerator or incubator.Paid event
Sydney Build ExpoSydney, AustraliaMay, 1-2Sydney Build is an upcoming construction and design trade show that will be held at the ICC Sydney on May 1st and 2nd. The event will feature over 500 exhibitors, 500+ speakers, and networking opportunities. It features 12 conference stages, CPD training workshops and education, a Festival of Construction with DJs and live performances; An architect’s Hub with project displays, a government hub with opportunities across NSW, exclusive networking events, and more.+20,000 attendeesAll kinds of tiers given the size, including leading industry attendees.Contractors, architects, civil engineers, developers, councils, housebuilders and construction professionals.The main topics of the event include Future tech, AI and robotics; digital construction; architecture and design; HVACR, Building solutions and materials; sustainability, and inclusion.Only limited free tickets. Paid event
AutomateChicago, USAMay, 6-9With over 800 exhibitors, their show floor hosts leading automation solutions from around the world. You’ll find everything from robotics to vision to motion control, AI and more. Join them to see how automation is no longer just the future; it’s the here and now. If you work in automation, are considering capitalizing on it in the future, or simply want to know what’s coming next, Automate is the place to be.The 2023 edition had 30,000 attendees, so we can expect similar numbers.Not disclosedAerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Logistics, Manufacturing, Motion Control, Robotics, Warehousing and more.Additive manufacturing, Cameras & smart cameras, Controls, Conveyors, Industrial IoT, Motion control systems, Motors, Robots, Safety products, Software & AI, and more.Free tickets
BILT EuropeRiga, LatviaMay 7-9BILT is an annual event, designed to cater to the needs of those who design, build, operate, and maintain our built environment. As a community of professionals, it is committed to improving the many ways the industry works together.Not disclosed. The 2022 edition had 400 attendees and the event has a community of 220,000 membersNot disclosedArchitecture, engineering, construction, real estate.Design, build, operate, and maintain our built environment; BIM, interoperability workflows, AI, and BIM for social impact, Data Analytics in the AEC, Next-Level Data Viz.Paid event
Autodesk DevCon in BostonBoston, USAMay, 14-15Autodesk DevConX in Boston 2024 is a 2-day event (May 14-15, 2024) for software developers and business innovators to network and learn about the latest Autodesk Platform Services APIs and services that unlock you and your customers Design and Make data. Potentially includes the Autodesk Forma Hackathon (May 13-14).300Software developersAEC companies that work with Autodesk’s APIsAI, Autodesk Data Models, digital twins, APS SDKs, APS API updates, Sustainability, Autodesk Forma, APS Viewer, low code solutions, partnership opportunities, APS pricing.Paid event.
DESIGN ConferenceDubrovnik, CroatiaMay 20-23DESIGN 2024 is focused on design research and engineering from a variety of perspectives, including engineering, aesthetics, ergonomics, psychology, and sociology. It offers exchange possibilities to researchers and practitioners, strategic decision-makers, managers, and design and engineering professionals. It includes Paper presentations, selecting from over 500 submissions, and representing high-quality research across various design fields.Not disclosed this year or past edition attendees.Mid-career to senior professionals.Companies from technology; Engineering and manufacturing; Architecture and design firms; Consultancy and services; and research institutes.Design research and engineering, Advancement of design knowledge. Human-centered design; Sustainability in design; Emerging technologies and their impact on design; The future of design.Paid event
Tech+ Los AngelesLos Angeles, USAMay, 26Since 2017, TECH+ offers facetime with both emerging and established technology companies that can improve your workflow and AEC leaders present in a new, full day program at each event covering the latest in AI, Automation, New Materials, AR/VR, Imaging, and more.You'll walk away from each TECH+ conference with new tools, fresh ideas, and valuable connections from technology leaders in the design world.Not disclosed but the Tech+ Event editions are known for having big numbers of attendees.Tech+ conferences target a wide range of experience levels, from recent graduates to senior veterans in the tech industry.Both emerging and established technology companies, from AEC Startups, owners and big corporations that interact with technology in the AEC.Artificial intelligence, Automation, New materials; Augmented reality and virtual reality; related to the AEC technology.Paid event
Autodesk DevCon in MunichMunich, GermanyMay, 28-29Autodesk DevCon 2024 is a European event for software developers and business innovators to network and learn about leading-edge technology from Autodesk experts. Join 400+ Software Developers to learn about the latest Autodesk Platform Services APIs and services that unlock you and your customers' Design and Make data. Take advantage of tools that power the next generation of intuitive and real-time solutions turning digital transformation from a vision to a reality.400Software developersAEC companies that work with Autodesk’s APIsHow Autodesk Data Models and new data capabilities can increase productivity, automation, sustainability, and profitability); AEC Data Model and Forma, Autodesk Construction Cloud; Manufacturing Data Model, building configurators, and more.Paid event
Digital Construction WeekLondon, United KingdomJune, 5-6An event to explore the future of the built environment and learn about the latest trends in digital construction. Meet companies driving architecture and design, construction, engineering, and operation forward. Discover how to use new technology to improve your projects, teams, business, and the built environment.Expect over 65,000 attendees45% C-suite, VP & directorGeneral contractors, subcontractors; Architecture and engineering firms; Technology companies (prop-tech, con-tech), VCs, government agencies, and universities.AI, BIM, VR/AR, robotics, and drones to improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. Data analytics and digital twins to gain insights and optimize project performance. Innovations in prefabrication, modular construction, and off-site manufacturing.Paid event
AIA Conference on Architecture & Design 2024Washington, USAJune, 5-9AIA24 is a premier annual conference that celebrates multidisciplinary solutions from across the built environment and the power of designing a better world, together. The conference fuses together industries, identities, skills, styles, and values, to establish a new multidisciplinary understanding of today’s most pressing issues. And it unites tradition and innovation, art and technology, form and function, old and new, and global and local to examine, educate, and find solutions.More than 15,000 are expected to attend AIA24.Not disclosed; the ticket price and target audience assume the participation of mature and experienced attendees.Licensed architects, design professionals, associates, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, firm owners, owners/clients, emerging professionals, and beyond.Sustainability in design and construction; Equitable design; Building materials; Historic preservation; Technology, leadership and business in architectural practice.Paid event
London Tech WeekLondon, United KingdomJune, 10-14Innovators. Investors. Serial entrepreneurs seeking their latest venture. The multinational organizations pioneering the use of tech to solve the world’s biggest problems. Visionaries creating new ways to enrich the way we work, rest and play. With over 90 countries represented, this is where the global tech ecosystem intersects with the investment, innovation, and talent that calls London home.Over 45,000 attendees.47% C-suite, VP & directorFinTechs, AI, ML, and IoT companies; cybersecurity and blockchain companies. HealthTech, CleanTech, EdTech: Companies offering innovative financial services and solutions.Global Innovation and Impact; Future Tech Frontiers; Building a Thriving Tech Ecosystem; The Explosion of Large Language Models (LLMs); AI, Blockchain, Metaverse and Web3. Sustainable Tech.Paid event
AWE USALong Beach, USAJune, 18-20Since 2010 over 5000 companies and 60,000 professionals have trusted AWE to connect, learn and grow their business in the XR ecosystem.AWE provides an unparalleled opportunity for rising augmented and virtual reality start-ups, as well as for start-ups that are creating enabling technologies for spatial computing, benefiting from a network of XR professionals and companies, including investors.+6500 attendees, +350 exhibitors, +500 speakersFrom mid-tier to senior profiles.Community of XR professionals that brings together: End-users and solution providers; Investors and startups; Brands and creators and developers; Job seekers and recruiters.Everything Spatial Computing including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and enabling technologies such as AI, bio-interfaces, haptics, 5G, streaming, and more.Paid event
Realcomm 2024Tampa, USAJune, 20-21 JuneIn the ever-changing commercial real estate (CRE) market, the recent tech hype cycle, fueled by PropTech and capital accessibility, is now transitioning to a recovery stage. Companies with strong fundamentals and technology strategies aligned with business goals will thrive. The convergence of business and technology cycles, driven by advancements like artificial intelligence, will revolutionize everyday life and reshape CRE processes. This year's conferences will address the challenges and innovative solutions that will lead to a new paradigm for safer, more efficient, and engaging buildings.Not disclosed, but the website mentioned over 150,000 people from around the world have attended Realcomm | IBcon events since its inception.Not disclosed.Companies related to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Transportation, VCs, Urban Planning, Real Estate Services Providers, Manufacturers, Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate Associations, System & Master System Integrators, and more.Reshaping the way we design, build, lease, operate, transact, and use buildings through new technologies such as AI, advanced telecommunications, new computing models, and immersive solutions.Paid event
NXT DEVLondon, United KingdomJune, 26NXT DEV (Next Development) is a unique forum for the future of AEC software development, run by AEC Magazine, the organiser of NXT BLD. In this event AEC software developers can meet with and learn from industry leading Design IT Directors as to where the ‘Tech Stack’ pain points are, as well as meet and hear from Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Angels active in funding start-ups and new contenders.Not disclosedNot disclosed, but they do mention senior participation from firms, startups and VCs.AEC software firms; AEC software start-ups; Heads of BIM; Practice partners/directors; VCs and business angels in the AEC field.Through Q&A, Panels, and presentation, this event discusses questions such as: How will AI change the AEC industry?; What impact will AI have on the role of AEC professionals?; Will offsite design and construction ever succeed?; What do AEC firms want from next-gen ‘BIM 2.0’ technologies?; What’s coming soon from ‘BIM 2.0’ software startups?It offers free on-demand inscriptions to watch the content modules.
AEC InnovatexBoston, USAJune, 26-28AEC INNOVATE is the executive education and networking event for architecture and engineering firm leaders ready to make smarter decisions about applying A.I. and other emerging tech. Get to know examples of how your firm can take advantage of the latest solutions and get first-hand answers to your questions from the developers and analysts leading the way on A.I.Not disclosedSenior and mid-management attendees such as President/ CEO, Senior Vice President/Principal, CDO/Engineering Director, CIO/Technology Manager/IT Administrator.Architecture and engineering firms looking to adopt and leverage AI and other emerging technologies in the built environment. Architecture and engineering firms, Construction companies, Tech companies, etc.Opportunities and challenges of AI, Generative AI’s impact on the AEC, Accelerating your AEC firm through generative AI. Practical skills and cases of implementing AI in the AEC.Paid event

Public AEC Works Event Database Launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a public database featuring all upcoming events in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry! Building upon our previous efforts, this comprehensive resource allows you to:

  • Explore information about every AEC event, regardless of the date.
  • Filter events by date and location for easy searching.

Visit the database on the AEC Works e-verse portal.

About AEC Works:

AEC Works is your one-stop shop for all things AEC! This e-verse portal centralizes information on AEC startups, investors, and events. All data is filtered and enriched with high-quality information, catering to the needs of diverse stakeholders and players in the AEC industry.

We trust this information empowers you to make informed decisions and participate in the most impactful industry events, building a powerful marketing strategy through networking. Remember, “a goal without a plan is just a wish” (Edwin Locke & Gary Latham). Choose wisely, and best of luck!



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