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Why We Exist

Who we are

We are a team of highly passionate AEC professionals, product designers, and software developers. We work together to transform requirements into accurate and partnership-driven technological solutions. Every industry is different and so are our partners. We provide bespoke digital products that fit our partner’s needs.

What is happening in our industry today?

The industry still works as it did decades ago, the building processes are slow, expensive, and risky.

Digital transformation gives designers and builders the ability to deliver innovative solutions with unparalleled speed, performance, and certainty, but most companies are still struggling to succeed in this digitalization compared to other industries. That is a gap we can help bridge.

Our Vision

Here at e-verse, we aim to improve the way humans interact with buildings. We believe that a complete transition of the AEC industry is needed. For that to happen, we cannot only change one small piece at a time, but on the contrary, we need to re-think the current foundations and build everything to the top back again. Many other revolutions of this scale have already taken place across different industries.

How do we contribute?

We are a data-driven company with a startup mindset. Our purpose is to deliver value quickly and efficiently in the most innovative way possible.

We believe that innovative work should be transparent, sustainable, resilient, and experience-driven. Those are the core values we follow on every project and challenge we face.

The power of time

Even having a disruptive mindset, we still have a long-term vision. We are not only providing another grain of sand towards the improvement of the AEC but where we end up becoming a beacon of technology and innovation in our industry.

We want e-verse to be a community, where we create a space of collaboration to cultivate rich and organic relationships which are able to emerge through active interactions between peers.

By bridging the gap between software engineering and industry expertise, we provide the best of both worlds. We are a bridge, join us in improving how the AEC industry currently works! 

CEO at e-verse

I'm a versatile leader with broad exposure to projects and procedures and an in-depth understanding of technology services/product development. I have a tremendous passion for working in teams driven to provide remarkable software development services that disrupt the status quo. I am a creative problem solver who is equally comfortable rolling up my sleeves or leading teams with a make-it-happen attitude.

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